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Op zondag 2 juni kan u voor 10 € genieten van een uitgebreid ontbijtbuffet van 8 tot 11.30 uur ( verschillende broden, croissants, koffiekoeken, vleeswaren, Franse kazen, eitjes op verschillende wijzen,   vers fruit, zoetigheid, ontbijtgranen) Om een idee te hebben van aantallen hadden we graag voorinschrijving via maar u bent zonder inschrijving ook welkom.


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CAI important news !

Belangrijke berichtgeving CAI Bornem; aanpassing voorprogrammaOp vraag van de menners heeft de organisatie beslist om eigen stalling mogelijk te maken. Hiervoor gelden dan de volgende tarieven (zie bijlage) Important news CAI Bornem; modification schedule At the request of the drivers, the organisation has decided that own stabling is permitted.See annex for rates. Avis important pour le CAI de Bornem: changement de l’avant programme.Sur demande des menneurs, l’organisation a décidé d’accepter

How much do i pay less for second participation ?

When you want to participate for a second time you pay 135 € less because you don’t need to pay your accomodation fee for a second time .

New CAI video

Check the brand new video from CAI Bornem on Youtube

FEI Approved Schedule is online

Are you ready to participate on the CAI Bornem competition ? Then you can find now the FEI Approved Schedule here . So you have all information you need about the event and register today to enjoy this competition.

New obstacles created

The building team of CAI Bornem work hard to build brand new obstacles on the terrain . The result is 4 new fantastic obstacles.

Ready for CAI Bornem 2019 ?

Ready for CAI Bornem 2019! CAI Bornem will take place on Thursday the 30th of May until Sunday the 2nd of June at the site of “De Schelderuiters”. This competition is open to drivers of class P 1-2-4 and H 1-2-4. The dressage and cones arenas as well as 7 varied Marathon obstacles are on the main site. Including one new spectacular water obstacle. All available facilities for the drivers


There are no upcoming events at this time.


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